16 thoughts on “The Night Shift – Series Premiere Clip – Luck

  1. Ashanti Dejesus

    Why don't you guys just shut up it's about those romance shows but their doctors at the same time it's like which one will she chose it's not a Grey's anatomy wannabe it's the first season give it a chance and besides this is way better than Grey's anatomy


  2. Deez Nutz

    Can the people of Hollywood stop making shows about cops, Drs, lawyers & people in Washington kthanxbai

  3. Richard Moran

    This series should already brace itself to be cancelled

  4. Rotionpotion

    Lol That actress played a doctor in Royal Pains. Talk about variation!

  5. Starkiller011

    Yeah right as if most doctors act and look "pretty" like that……

  6. Matías Pierdoménico

    Wow, they need to slow down. It's like the video runs at 2X speed

  7. Aprokind

    i finally found out who he is,he played gwen in merlin

  8. maverick ownage

    This is very inaccurate to a real hospital lmao


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