20 thoughts on “The Grand Tour: The Aston Martin Vulcan Review

  1. MrChaos2peace

    sometimes its not the car, its the driver, the car is a beast that needs taming. the driver has to have the skills to tame it. So, not everyone can drive every car out there. This is why I <3 Clarkson, May and Hammond reviewing a car. They tell a story, not just facts.

  2. Sean Gelarden

    Your kidding a British car that is a mess that almost always happens

  3. dsjoakim35

    Is it me, or does it sound like there are some resonance going on? The sound it makes is not comfortable to listen to.

  4. Julius Kingsley

    About that braking noise. Race car brakes usually have a working temperature of ~400C depending on the compound. Before reaching that temperature, it will make that noise. You can hear similar noise from P1 GTR and 911 GT2 RS also.

  5. JordanMandas Official

    It feels faster than 0-60 in 2.9 because it IS faster than 0-60 in 2.9 haha. Faster past that than other cars pulling the same 0-60, that is

  6. R0MANEK shark

    I really think Vulcan deserve much more attention…. so brilliant car…. supercar ✌️👊… Perfect 👌

  7. TheRealCarlos

    "After 10 minutes of pretending I knew what they were doing, I was back on the track"

    Glad to have you back Clarkson 😂

  8. John Richards

    As an old-school motorhead and not a big fan of what Top Gear had turned into before its hosts went on to something even sillier, I did learn a bit about deciphering their new-car reviews. As Chris Harris learned a couple of years ago with Ferrari, taking a negative stance on a new model will get you uninvited to the intros in short order. So I bore this in mind while watching Clarkson's noisy and information-poor first take on the Vulcan.

    It seems pretty clear to me that Clarkson does not like this car. He acknowledges its power and performance, but if we read his reactions between the lines, he seems to be saying this car is not suitable for a driver of average skills on public roads. And a single-day track session would not make a tangible difference.

    The car is just ridiculously impractical, lacking the luxury features McLaren are smart enough to include in even their top-performance models. The kind of people whose incomes make possible ownership of this car are not going to be forgiving of squeaky brakes, side windows that don't go down, or the lack of a parking brake. And while the car makes tremendous downforce, the cornering speeds it's capable of are so much beyond the understanding of an average driver, one wonders when that huge wing and the downforce-inducing underbody will be put to use. Or worse, that some trust fund baby decides he is the next Senna and takes on his friends in their exotics on a public road amidst regular traffic.

    Clarkson can't say any of this stuff now because it's the car's introduction. All he can do is go through the little ritual that he has performed with every powerful car he has reviewed for decades: accelerate to the max and make vocal noises — whoops, yelps, gasps of amazement. That, and the lurid tail slides he and Harris have made their affirmation that video car reviews are aimed at the Fast and Furious crowd, is par for the course for reviewing a fast car, and is essentially meaningless.

    But wait a year or two, when, say a new McLaren is introduced, and Clarkson will be saying something like, "Now this car I can get comfortable in, unlike that monstrosity Aston Martin tried to foist on all of us in 2019."

    And the way-overboard styling is proof positive that the .01 percenters become more vulgar and boorish with each succeeding generation.

  9. Kalle Sundqvist

    Best Topgear and grand tour with J Clarksson J may R hammond the real topgear

  10. Nikolai Your Crazy Uncle

    love everything except the brakes, those would be changed.


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