20 thoughts on “The Best Of – Fight Scenes – Into the Badlands (Season 1)

  1. Tiên Nguyen

    Toàn nhảm nhí nếu dc võ thuật vậy chả cần đến súng đạn toàn phô trương

  2. Коля Баранський

    Подскажите што зафильм?

  3. Dr. Johnny

    Hilarious. This looks so cheap, kinda remembers me of Hercules and Xena Series xD

  4. donjon bro

    Never fuck with a chinese those mafuckers all know some kind of kung fu shit

  5. Rome_05

    Damn they all had juice. My boy Sunny out here with no juice and he is STILL kicking ass left and right.

  6. Ts K

    you forgot the scene where the widow kills all the men in the bar.


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