20 thoughts on “Seinfeld Season 9 Bloopers & Outtakes

  1. Amber Dawn

    More heavy gravy? I'm dying lol. It's awesome to know it was as funny to them as it was to us.

  2. Robert Lee, Countertenor

    When Jerry is about to lose it, that young smile is so attractive
    It's like a best friend who u have a connection with and u and he or she know you're gonna lose it and u have to stay serious but u can't

  3. Hotcakes the cheating #gamecathesaurus

    Jason always comes across as such an awesome guy to work with

  4. Derek Lilley

    Season 9 is the best. The butter shave and merv griffin are classic episodes

  5. Xavier Stamp

    I didn’t know the mom from The 100 was on Seinfeld, she looks so young

  6. Wolverine Pete

    Elaine has always been cute but I noticed the first few episodes of Season 9 she looks absolutely gorgeous. It's a combination of her hairstyle, makeup and tan skin which is flawless. Around Episode 9-9 it starts going back to it's natural curly state. It never gets back to full 80s Any Grant like it was early in the series but it did look nice straight.

  7. Tommy Hill

    I love that Bryan Cranston was so happy that he made Jerry laugh.

  8. nene mari

    I feel there is a good chemistry between Julia and Richard maybe she had a crush Richard

  9. G

    Julia Louis Dreyfus looks even more beautiful with her hair curly and down

  10. Professionally Lay

    Amazing shows love the show, love the writers and the actors. BUT,
    the more I watch the bloopers, the more I realize just how pathetic a lot of the main cast was. They really ate into the time and energy of what were many brilliant and classically trained actors, the reoccuring characters.
    You can see it on their faces as Jerry, Elaine and George dick around.

  11. CynicalBroadcast

    Cranston was cracking Seinfeld up, lol, that amount of deprecation in a those little looks and sounds- it's actually genius.


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