12 thoughts on “Ron Pearlman in ‘Hand of God’ – TV Review

  1. Gabriel Perkele

    "..there´s little heart and less of soul.."
    Are you fucking kidding me…?
    This dude´s delusional or something, what the hell he´s talking about. 😮
    One of the best shows in a long, long, LONG time!

  2. Todd Copenhaver

    When you start out with a naked ron pearlman in a fountain talking jiberish….. it is tough to top that but they do

  3. Todd Copenhaver

    for some reason the critics have not like this seris, i tend to not put my trust in them…. i like this show the 1st episode had me asking question and thinking one way….. and the rest of these episodes had me waiting for the answers….. if a friend asked me about the show I would recamend it to them….. very entertaining

  4. King MultiGenre

    I just finished season 1, and LOVED it. I dont watch bad tv shows, and i sure as shit dont binge watch them. This show is awesome

  5. Cristina

    Guys, critics hate religious films/TV – it's a very well-written, great characters, very unique story. It has a few messy moments but binge-watchable

  6. Guitarrahero

    no wonder it has 218 views! lol jeez this guy is a joke!! Just finished watching the entire season, pretty good!

  7. izdrael202

    fuck you dominic patton your cunt butt munching faggot

  8. izdrael202

    fuck you deadline hollywood i just binged watch the entire first season and its the most creative TV series ive seen in a looooong time so fuck you

  9. Scarif Veteran

    What? i just watched the pilot and it was really good!


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