Learn English with TV Series: Seinfeld

By | January 3, 2019

Learn English with this hilarious clip from the popular American TV Series, SEINFELD.

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Seinfeld flares at George funny scene
Video Rating: / 5

30 thoughts on “Learn English with TV Series: Seinfeld


    one of the most beatiful ways to learn english keepi it up bro

  2. Ann Nur

    I've head the expression "take it down a notch" in the show "Modern family" so it means the opposite to " take it up…?

  3. El Chévere

    This is such a great channel! Although I already speak English I have so many friends who are dying to learn, and this is a great platform. Will definitely be recommending this channel. Subscribed.


    I like this channel so much..I wanna learn..it would be better if u guys make 2 or 3 videos every week..and one more thing you guys are the bessssst

  5. Василий Петров

    I would love you to make videos using saw series. There are a lot of fans of this and there are really difficult conversations. I'd love you to take them and make videos. What do you think about it?

  6. Kieran

    The very last line…😮 Poor Susan. May she rest in peace.😌😃

  7. 1997 Mtw

    This explains every time I google Seinfeld, Wikipedia gives me the definition of “Nothing”


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