Fear The Walking Dead Season 4 Episode 4 – Buried – Video Review!

By | May 14, 2018

Fear The Walking Dead Season 4 Episode 4 - Buried - Video Review!

Fear The Walking Dead Season 4 Episode 4 – Buried – Video Review!

Alright what’s going on guys it’s Trev back again here to bring you another video. In this one we will be doing our weekly review for this week’s episode of Fear The Walking Dead. This one will be for fear the walking dead season 4 episode 4 – Buried.

So in this week’s episode we find out that Naomi is Laura, and we get to see a little bit more about how the Stadium fell. I found this episode extremely frustrating to watch considering the Stadium group literally has an antagonistic group at their gates and seem to think it is okay to ignore them and just allow them to sit there.

Not making a choice is still a choice and inaction is still making a decision. I cannot believe with all of Madison’s experience she would just allow Mel and the vulture to chill there, listening in on their communications and racing them to get food and supplies waiting for them to run out of food in order to take the stadium.

This is very strange to me, and not the same as with Negan and the saviors because Rick and the suvivors clearly could not take on the saviors at that time, they would have been wiped out. With the vultures in terms of numbers it really looks like Madison and the others have the superior numbers and even if they aren’t able to take them, just staying there and waiting for them to strike, doesn’t make sense at all either. If the group thinks they cannot take them, then they need to leave. This is VERY strange to see Madison react to an antagonistic group this way. I really find it frustrating to watch.

That said, I am only going to give this episode a 7 out of 10. As always, thanks for watching everyone!

– Trev

20 thoughts on “Fear The Walking Dead Season 4 Episode 4 – Buried – Video Review!

  1. Ominous OZz

    Shits getting lame. I was happy with the direction of the show before Morgan. Just like the walking dead, the show is going in a direction that makes you say why?! That lead vulture looks like a fucking Disney actor on a teen show. I would have made the entire fear cast villains because its compelling. It would have been more interesting than this bullshit.

  2. nrrork

    It just hit me, though, that the Vultures have a REALLY shitty system.

    They lay siege to settlements and pretty much just wait for the inhabitants to starve to death… except food is probably the most valuable resource you can HAVE in that world right now. Maybe even more valuable than ammo.

    Now, there's other stuff they can take, but food is the big prize. In Texas, water is probably an issue as well. And they also expend their OWN food supplies and other resources waiting for the settlement to collapse.

    AND it requires that all of the other settlements are as passive as this one is, and don't just shoot strangers on sight. And how often are they REALLY gonna find these settlements? I find it hard to believe there's enough of them to loot to make this a viable way to live.

  3. kyle gamble

    I completely agree! I can't understand why they don't just take them out, like the day they showed up

  4. Kxrnel Kxndja


  5. C. Kinchman

    Trev, you think that nerdy kid from back at the high school is living and could appear in some episode?

  6. Marcell2aG

    The season is great so far but there's a little bit too much back and forth between past & present. And the pacing with the flashbacks is a bit slow too. But regardless, the story is keeping me invested.

  7. UntitledGameShow

    Disliked this episode, it almost felt like a anime filler.

  8. Marino Cabrera

    I think Madison’s behavior is a parallel to the Farmer Rick storyline.

  9. TurboCMinusMinus

    I'm with you on the vultures. Wait for your moment and attack the bastards. It's like TWD and FTWD writers just like frustrating us.

  10. Gita Timm

    They make us believe that Madison and Naomi are dead. I'm sure they'll crawl out under a dumpster in a couple of episodes.

  11. Tanner Nulph

    how is your quality going down per episode? is it a mirror to the walking dead? haha

  12. JustAdo

    What Troy probably would have done is use the Voltures way of dealing against Walkers against them cuz think about it these guys have many Walkers captured in buildings with some where there are over 50 Walkers inside the smart move would have been for the group is to just use these Walkers as a Horde to defeat the Voltures cuz the reason is the Voltures dont have any kind of defence and if a few hundred Walkers would run up on them then they are fucked for good.

    But for the people saying what about the Stadium well that place is good protected and if you just keep silent the Horde will eventually go away.

    Thats hat Troy would have done I think.

    Edit: And for the vehicles of the Voltures you could easily in the night just shoot the tires.

  13. Kyle George

    this episode has not answered any of my questions like, What did the Vultures do to make Nick and his group soo angry and out for revenge, when the hell did Luciana get back into the group, what happened to Madison, what happened to Daniel, Qualetaqa and Crazy Dog, will we ever see John Proctor???

  14. Occifer FigPucker

    This show was boring as hell even with a great character like Nick. Now that he's out, it'll tank further.

  15. Mark Monopoly


  16. uc

    This episode was satisfying, better than the previous one.

  17. Alex Bruder Des Lichts

    The leader of this band of Vultures is actor Kevin Zegers – he was one of the security guards in the 2004 remake of Dawn of the Dead. (he was also in the first wrong turn film)

  18. Derrick Brown

    I think they’re lying about Naomi and Madison being dead … I think they’re gonna lie to Morgan and them until they can fully trust them


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