Fear the Walking Dead: Season 2A Full Recap – The Skybound Rundown

By | January 20, 2019

We’re here and back at ya with the SKYBOUND RUNDOWN! Brian and Ian are here to talk us through Season 2A of Fear the Walking Dead. What is our messed up family UP TO? Subscribe to Skybound! ► http://goo.gl/3u3aPi

Have you been enjoying our Throwback Reacts to Season 1 of Fear the Walking Dead? Favorite moments from the first season? Let us know in the comments below!

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Season 4 Recap and Breakdown! SPOILERS FOR FTWD S04 and TWD S08.

0:05 Intro
1:20 Flashbacks and the Death of Madison, Death of Nick
3:43 Morgan Joins FTWD
6:15 Can fire kill Zombies?
7:27 The second half, and the storm
8:08 Morgan meets Mo and Wendle
8:32 Morgan meets Jimbo
9:56 Mad Martha and her motives
11:55 Jimbo Dies
12:43 Martha poisons the gang, Martha Dies
13:31 Morgan and the gang set up a new base
14:10 Who is left Alive and who is dead
14:28 Daniel, Walker, The Proctors, WHERE ARE THEY?
15:17 Will Madison be back?
15:33 Why did Morgan change shows?
16:16 Why did Nick leave the show?
16:40 Why did Madison leave the show?

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Video Rating: / 5

33 thoughts on “Fear the Walking Dead: Season 2A Full Recap – The Skybound Rundown

  1. Katie Stanback

    Nobody liked Chris, he screwed everything up.. I’m glad they took him off, because he was just getting annoying.

  2. Bayu Pratama

    I gave up Walking Dead in season 8 and Fear after season 1, watching this I feel the plot is still ridiculous. But damn, the narrator make this much more interesting.

  3. odracir comix

    great vid i love your summary i hate watching the show so i will subscribe

  4. 100 A Plus

    I love Fear The Walking Dead 😀😁😂😃😄😅😆😉😊😋

  5. Tanisha Barnes

    @2:46 I don't watch this show but I notice in this recap that the Vulture guy looks like he's wearing the same loud shirt that Magna (the blonde knife wielder in new group introduced in season 9 of TWD) mentioned her dead bf wore that she hated .

  6. Corinne Robinson

    I hope Madison comes back,,,we didn't actually see her die…say if she did comeback,,,I picture someone pulled her out the last second,,and somehow she lost her memory….I know the walkers were pretty close to her too….heh we will see…

  7. BestSoundtrack

    AMC just killed 30 % of the actors! Not like in Marvel's MCU where 50% of them "died" so why not be happy.

  8. Magnus Bendixen

    Excellent video man. I just couldn't start watching after the mid season finale. You saved me time and sadly confirmed my negative thoughts about this show.

    The walking dead season 9 is a step up though, so far.

  9. Melissa R

    Thanks for saving me all that time. I watched the first 2 episodes, and blah. What a bummer. Season 3 was so good.

  10. Ravit Kumar

    Came here after episode 3, Thanks for saving me from 6-7 hrs of bs.

  11. Dankinss

    What the fuck happened to this show? Wasn’t the point of this show to reveal what happened during Ricks time in a coma? Why time skip to have characters from both shows meet??? What the fuck is happening

  12. Bowblax Gaming

    thanks for making this video. I gave up on the show 2 episodes into the second half but I still curious to find out what happened since I'm enjoying season 9 of the main show and I know Morgan was talking about rejoining the main show group

  13. Jokesta Laughs

    Was it really that hard for them to do a follow up to S3? Christ, everything was set up. Thanks a lot Gimple. I hope the original show runner, (Dave Erickson) leaves AMC and goes on to create more content as well as the actors.

  14. უწმინდური მამაო ღორმენ

    yo jake what are we looking forward to as sci fi fans this year? there are so many series being cancelled that i don even now which ones to expect any more. will there be new humans, extinct, heard missions will be picked up by big western studio. i don even know what to look forward to anymore :c


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