Fantastic Negrito – An Honest Man (Hand Of God Theme Song)

By | July 26, 2018

Official lyric video for “An Honest Man,” the Hand Of God theme song by Fantastic Negrito
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Directed and Edited by: Jeremy Leaird Koch

This is the title song from Amazon’s TV show Hand of God starring Ron Perlman, directed by Marc Forster, written by Ben Watkins.


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Fantastic Negrito is a man’s truth told in the form of black roots music. Each song is a real story about a musician from Oakland who experienced the highs of a million dollar record deal, the lows of a near fatal car accident that put him in a four-week coma, and is now in the phase of rebirth despite his playing hand being mangled. Negrito’s music emphasizes rawness and space. Slide guitar, drums, piano. Rather than update the Delta Blues, Fantastic Negrito leaves the original sounds of Lead Belly and Skip James intact, building bridges to a modern sound with loops and samples of his own live instruments. But the primary element that drives Fantastic Negrito’s music is uncut realness and zero concern for “pop” anything.
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20 thoughts on “Fantastic Negrito – An Honest Man (Hand Of God Theme Song)

  1. Michael Myrael

    PUHLEEZE contact the group that's reviving the show Lucifer into Netflix and DEMAND they affix this song to the tendrils of their future, as yet not arranged, soundtrack!

  2. Klentance Lassupper

    This guy is so good. Like if you think he’s underrated

  3. DJ Ani this was the most challenging track I've ever tried to put some beats behind it's not perfect I'm not a professional producer it's a hobby but I just wanted to show you that I was actually doing something with it cuz it's been awhile so I hope you like it I need to fix it up a little bit but it is what it is for now

  4. الينا الينا

    Will never be tired of hearing this song. 💓

  5. happyfairy

    Hand of God lead me to your awesome (or FANTASTIC!) music… At first I thought this was Jack White; LOVE IT!

  6. DJ Ani

    This track is SEXXY!! can't wait to throw some beats behind it!!


    Honest Man … N O J U S T I C E ? … No Peace … No Peace ? No Solace. No Whole Soul.


    Why in the hell did it take me so so long to find this is amazing

  9. My EMail

    Nothing like the cutting edge of a deep, soulful, painful cut from this true Blues tune! Love the range, rhythm, lyrics and grit in his voice..not to mention the range reverb'y back up… Fantastic! This melody/song has a..' familiar calling'- we want more, it never to end… till we're satisfied, but can never be satisfied…. Thank you!


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