Doctor Who: Official Series 10 Trailer – BBC One

By | December 16, 2018

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Programme website: New companion, new worlds and new adventures… Here’s what in store for the Doctor in 2017!
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Video Rating: / 5

20 thoughts on “Doctor Who: Official Series 10 Trailer – BBC One

  1. Ella Nat Wonderwall

    Missy slayed this season, I’m so upset this is the last time we see Capaldi and Gomez as the doctor and master.

  2. Emma Reethi

    oh how I love to watch all the whovians pause this video every second to breakdown what exactly is happening in that very moment and spot a scene from a previous season and can pinpoint exactly which episode at which minute that happened AND spot every Easter-egg the bbc tried to hide

  3. Rocksteady Gaming

    Anybody rewatching these trailers to get ready/compare to the new trailer/series?

  4. thebiggestever

    This season was great. I hope they make more seasons just as good or even better than this season. I'm really excited for Jodie Whittaker to play the 13th doctor.

  5. Z T W L R

    This season really started great but just got too rushed towards the end I don't feel that it kept a consistent tone and I don't think Bill and the Doctors relationship will ever be satisfyingly developed.

  6. steven strange

    whats the music used in the second half of this trailer? i remember hearing it in deep breath but dont know what its called

  7. Rhys Enright

    I've always thought that Peter Capaldi looked like real life Rick from RIck and Morty. . .I wish he'd go full Rick in DW

  8. Faz Productions

    (SPOILERS!!!) Notice how at 0:45 The Doctor's eyes are fine in this trailer to hide the fact that he's actually blind in the episode

  9. Shyam

    just realized that scene at the end, the doctor's supposed to be blind but they changed that for the actual episode

  10. Tiffany Spencer

    they edited the trailer ! watching the latest episode and they edited the trailer compared to the episode

  11. The64v

    "Are you out of your mind?"
    "Yes — completely, but that's not a recent thing."


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